Why on Earth do you do THIS?!?!!

That’s the question every non-triathlete asks when I tell him or her about how I’m training X amount of hours in order to compete in triathlons. Or my favorite: “You rode 50 miles?!??? In one day??? On a bike?? You are crazy!!” 


 However, it is one of those questions you kind of shove in the back of your mind and don’t really think about (kind of like my 5 year career plan – more on that later). Hey, I’m just doing it – do I have to have a reason why?

 It IS an important question to answer, though. Being able to answer it can help fuel your passion even more.

I have been pushing myself A LOT this past season. I signed up for my first Half-Iron distance race (the Mussleman 70.3 in Geneva, NY) and knew that an intense volume of workouts was to come. As I’ve stayed the course and completed as many workouts as possible, I’ve started to notice a change in my triathlon mentality.

I have started to actually enjoy the workouts. Not that I didn’t before – they just often felt like an obligation and sometimes a hassle (particularly when I was swamped at work or tired). I am improving and showing progress. My motivation has moved beyond just doing this to stay fit and *lose weight. I actually feel like I may be able to compete.

I’ve started to feel optimistic – I am not destined to always be a mid-packer. I am physically able to push my limits, improve and compete.

 Reflection is an amazing thing – I need to make a point to do it more often!


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